About Us


  KidMonti is a family run business and one of AlHuneidi Ltd. business, offering perfect Montessori and Educational Materials. we aim to make the educational materials available, and affordable in a wide range with our specific high quality standards.

We source some of the best quality Montessori materials to kids, trainers, teachers, and parents alike to enrich any homeschooling or classroom environment that designed to be kids friendly, and suites the absorbent minds that Passionate about learning.

This family company established and run by AlHuneidi husband and wife, whom were passionate in raising their three kids in a very special way, they believed in childhood importance in raising a balanced and healthy personality psychologically and mentally.

Since 2013, Ms. ALHuneidi changed her major from engineering and became a qualified Montessori expert, Because she found in the Montessori philosophy what she aspires to from growing up kids with a strong, independent, self motivated, and Confident personality, Through amazing educational materials and tools designed decades ago to address the mind, spirit and feelings of kids, this integration is what prepares the kid to thrive and leave an impact in his community and in the whole world.

For all of that KidMonti Is here, to bring our experience to every home, every kids care center, and every school, because kids deserve it!