The Ultimate Guide For Montessori Mobiles

Every expecting mother dives in dozens of preparing schedules, baby clothes, baby room furniture, diapers, baby shower party hospitality, hospital bag and etc.

Among all of these chaos and busyness, moms keep in mind their little ones reception and thinking about the most adorable face, the innocent glimpses that will come into her life, bonding, relations, playing, showing love, developing skills, and early learning activities.

For those who know the importance of applying Montessori philosophy from day one they know the impact effect of cognitive development for babies who are exposed to Montessori toys and baby Mobiles day by day.

And to make it easier for busy moms, we put in their hands the comprehensive guide for using Montessori mobiles and the benefits for each one in a chronological order.

The Munari mobile  is the first of the Montessori Mobiles series, introduced between the fourth and the fifth week from babies birth. while babies are born with blurred dual colored vision, this mobile with its black and white color, geometrical patterns, and a transparent sphere helps babies develop their eyesight, practice focus, concentration, tracking of a moving object and depth perception as the mobile moves gently on natural air currents and reflects the light.

Munari mobile
After babies acquire the best visual skill for this stage we move on to the next mobile which is Octahedron mobile at that time babies are ready to discover the basic colors.

The Octahedron mobile is the second mobile in the Montessori mobile series. Introduced at the seventh week from babies birth. This mobile is three Octahedral shapes in primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) which your baby eyesight starts to develop them at this stage after black and white vision has been evolved especially if the first Munari Mobile was used. 

The Octahedron mobile

The next is Gobbi Mobile for color gradations skill improvement.  

The Gobbi mobile  is the third mobile in the Montessori mobile series. it is often introduced at the eighth week from babies birth, This mobile helps babies improve their visual discrimination skills. It is one of the quintessential, most recognizable Montessori material for infant that comes with color gradations that refine your baby's chromatic sense after using the second mobile Octahedron Mobile which improves the basic color recognizing.

The Gobbi mobile

The next is  Dancer Mobile the shiny, and sparkly reflection for vision and concentration strengthening.


The Dancer mobile is the last mobile in the Montessori mobile series, introduced after the eighth week of birth (every baby is different) according to the noticed developmental stages babies achieve after presenting the previous Gobbi mobile.

The Dancer mobile
This mobile introduces human figures dancing in the air. The figures themselves are made from holographic paper sparkle in the light, as they shine they provide your baby with a dazzling performance of light, Vision is improving, muscles are strengthening, and concentration is building.

We hope this guide helps you make the first Montessori activities applicable and easy, here you can find the Montessori Mobile set and save your time.

see you soon ..


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