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Regardless of your kid's age, type of learning style or educational toy budget, the most appropriate toy collections to choose from easily is here in Kidmonti.

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As play is the work of the child,
wooden toys are their equipment ,
enhancing cognitive skills development,
engaging all senses to explore the world and open the way to knowledge.

practical life skills toys

Develop kids life skills and enhance their independence and self-confidence.

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what people are saying


Amazing! Thank you Kidmonti you are just making our math work soo easy and exciting! every single toy and its printable extension is incredibly perfect, and our learning process is going smoothly since I found you.

O. A.
Kansas, USA

My son is happy with it! He has currently still but eye for 2 screws, this is due to its locomotion. Therefore I am glad I with Montessori material this can stimulate!

N. R.
Los Angeles, CA

Very good quality good size received quickly I am very happy

Sara Eston
Mansfield Texas

I loved it, It is very useful for children because in a visual and anipulative way they can understand the units and the tens. Fine motor skills are also worked. In addition, they have also brought 10 loose pearls and is great to better understand the concept of decena. I'd buy it without hesitation!

kareena L.
San Francisco California

I am so happy with this box … it’s reall wood ! Beautiful product , the right size , the super quality . I am excited.

A R.
MARTINSBURG Pennsylvania

for our little ones,

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aiming to be part of your kid's learning journey, Providing your shelves with the right affordable educational tools at the right time to keep up your kid's sensitive learning periods.